About Us

Cocó March a mother and health advocate, graduated at the European College for Naturopathic Physicians in Alacant Spain in 1995. A daughter to a French & a Spaniard, Cocó who was born in Germany migrated to the U.S.  in 1996 to research Nutrition and the Treatment of Disease at the University of Minnesota.

Cocó March has been a hard worker and has earned a spot on the committee of several supplement companies; she spoke at the Minnesota State Capitol in 2002 and 2003. At the same time March has been featured on television and radio programs both here in the U.S. and in Europe, where she also authored a newspaper column which featured health topics.

Her views on nutrition, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, immune system disorders, and treating the cause instead of the symptoms of disease have won her the respect of her colleagues and earned her much respect in the medical field.

Around the year 2000, Dr. March began to notice her patients had hard time eating the fruits and vegetable she recommend. It was then when she realized the need for a product which would aid them in obtaining all the healthy fruits and vegetables recommended for a healthy diet. When she looked around, she discovered that there were not many choices on the market for natural, palatable supplements which could fill this need. It was then that she began to experiment with organic fruit and vegetable extracts along juice powders. To this she added her own proprietary blend of ingredients, which mask the strong flavors of the plants such as Chlorella, Spirulina or Barley. By the end of 2004 Pakonen Nutraceuticals now known as Greens World, Inc was born.